Ignorance Demands a Response…

And gets one…

As a pastor, I have often (though not recently) gotten the question… “Why are we going OVER THERE… when there are so many problems HERE?” I used to get pretty riled up over that question with answers like “Haven’t you read the Great Commission?” “Because Jesus said to,” etc. Now I default to this question… “If you feel so strongly about reaching people HERE… what is it that you are doing about it?”

Self-proclaimed Christian(esque) conservative spokeperson, Ann Coulter, recently ranted about Samaritan’s Purse’s Dr. Brantly, who has returned to the States after contracting the Ebola virus.

READ HER LETTER HERE… (Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded to ‘Idiotic’)

This type of ignorance demands a response… and there have been a couple of good ones. But before I link to those, I wanted to give a couple of thoughts.

1. Coulter’s remarks should serve to remind us that Political Conservatism/ Ideologies DO NOT EQUAL a devotion to Christ and His Kingdom. She makes this abundantly clear.

2. The Kingdom of our Lord is greater than the Kingdom of Self, which leads citizens of His Kingdom to freely sacrifice. And the Kingdom of our Lord is greater than the Kingdom of American Patriotism, which leads citizens of His Kingdom to GO to ALL PEOPLES. Cross the street AND cross the world.

Now, here are a couple of good responses…

First, a thoughtful response from Matt Perman (How Should We Respond to Ann Coulter’s Insensitive Article on the Ebola Doctor?)

And a more entertaining and provoking article from Simcha Fisher (Ann Coulter to Jesus: Fix Bethlehem First)

“Yes, isn’t that just like those benighted third world ninnies? So obsessed with this childish, petty desire to stay alive. Why can’t they think about important matters, like the spiritual state of people watching movies in America? No, all the time it’s, “Wah, wah, my eyes are bleeding” with them.  Ugh, foreigners.”


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