6 More Beneficial Things You Can Do in 1 hr and 51 minutes than Going to See Left Behind

10537857_675225585877435_6511522317942663927_nI am on a campaign. Not a campaign to ruin Nicholas Cage’s career (he’s done that himself). Not a campaign to keep people from going to see movies (I like movies… at least good ones). No… I am on a campaign to give Christians a greater purpose than gathering in movie theaters and living rooms to watch bad theology, bad acting, and bad film making in the name of Jesus. Look… when the “biblical” fiasco called Noah came out… everyone was in an uproar. I heard cries of “bad theology,” “didn’t stick to the Bible,” blah blah blah… but when Heaven is for Real came out… “how wonderful,” “encouraging,” “real hope.” Let’s just stop for a minute… neither movie is Biblical, neither movie is theologically accurate… and after reading the Left Behind books years ago… I can guarantee the same about the new Left Behind movie. I won’t go into all of the ridiculous misrepresentations of Scripture. I just want to plead with you… spend your 1 hour and 51 minutes (not to mention your money) doing something much more beneficial.

1. Not to sound overly legalistic… but you could use the time to READ YOUR BIBLE. Catch up on all that Bible reading you committed to back in January. Can I suggest that you read one of the four Gospels… maybe Matthew? See what Jesus has to say about the Kingdom.

2. Take a nap. Seriously, this would be more beneficial to you.

3. Play a board game with your kids or with some friends.

4. Read a good book. Want suggestions? Send me an email or FB message.

5. TAKE SOMEONE OUT FOR COFFEE AND TALK ABOUT JESUS… share with a friend, family member, co-worker.

6. Meditate on Revelation 21 and the fact that the present heaven is not our final destination… but the NEW heavens and NEW earth will become ONE. Our hope is that JESUS COMES TO US… not that we go to Jesus. That has always been the good news of the Gospel.

Now… what about the money? Take your family to a local Dollar Tree instead and get all the items you need to fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. Pick up a box at the church and fill it… sending it with the real Good News of Jesus Christ.


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