A Recap of a Crazy, Fruitful, Encouraging Couple of Weeks

It’s been a while since I posted… it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks at OPBC and personally. And yet, it has been one of the most encouraging time periods I’ve experienced in quite a while. Here is a bullet-point version of the events…

Workshop Engage with Nik and Ruth Ripken…

We were honored to have Nik and Ruth Ripken, missionaries and authors, with us for 2 days to teach us as disciples of Christ and disciple-makers to go into the world. We were encouraged, challenged, heart-broken, ripped to shreds, built back up, and driven to worship. Here are a few highlights…

IMG_0984 IMG_0986 IMG_0987


Then, last Sunday evening, my family and I took off for an evening away and a great concert with Crowder and Ellie Holcomb. My girls we ecstatic to meet Ellie Holcomb and see her play live. We sang, danced, laughed and cried together. It was an epic night.


Finally, this past Thursday, we were honored to have Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace live in concert at Old Powhatan Baptist Church. It was a great night of worship together. Great crowd, great music.

IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1016

So, after a whirlwind couple of weeks, I am excited to get back to “normal” ministry. I am excited to see what God does next.

One more thing… all of these “events” are exciting and fun. But they are not the real life of the church. The feeding of the sheep, the proclaiming of the Gospel, and the prayers of His people are real life in the church. Join us next Sunday for “normal” church… a miracle bought by the blood of Jesus. And join us as we pray together at the beginning of each month for our Powhatan Prayer Gathering.


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