30-days-of-thanksgivingSo, people are doing this 30 days of thanksgiving thing… I get it. Can’t be any harm here, so I will try to catch up. (Of course, I hope that your thankfulness will extend beyond November).

1. Salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone.

2. That I don’t have to do this life in Christ thing alone.

3. That the Spirit who raised Christ from the dead lives in me and gives me life.

4. My wife, Jo Anny.

5. My girls, Chesed and Charisa.

6. Real friends who will tell me real truth about Christ and about myself… real friends bring real perspective (and if you don’t have a friend who will tell you things you don’t want to hear, you don’t have a real friend)

7. Volunteers in our music ministry at Old Powhatan Baptist Church. Not professionals, but self-sacrificing, hard-working folks who, above all else, seek to honor Christ in preparation and in leadership. We may not be flashy as a church, but we point to Jesus.

8. Pastor Roger… having Roger around has changed my life and ministry in ways I could never have imagined.

9. Citizenship in heaven… and an increasingly clearer line drawn in my life between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of this earth… I am thankful for a land that is coming and that I am just a sojourner and alien here… and thankful that my wife understands that even more than I do.

10. Books.

11. Mark Rash… that guy makes a lot of things possible at OPBC.

12. Kyle Carline… he puts up with having to hear a bunch of stuff and keeps plugging away, listening, and speaking truth that is wise beyond his years.

13. That there is now no condemnation for me, for I am in Christ Jesus.


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