Wednesday Web Wanderings: Thanksgiving Edition


5 Truths about Thanksgiving (Joseph Scheumann): “Thanksgiving is more than a day off. It is more than eating mashed potatoes and gravy, watching football, and taking a wonderful turkey-induced nap.”

Making the Most of Turkey Time: Thanksgiving on Mission (David Mathis): “What if we saw our gatherings with extended family not as a chance to check out, but as an opportunity for Christian mission?”

Feasting on Thanksgiving (John Bloom): “Thankless gratitude is like affectionless love. It’s like joyless happiness. It’s like the form of godliness without its power. It’s not okay.”

5 Aims for Holiday Family Gatherings (Kathleen Nielson): “Holiday family gatherings are right ahead! Are you ready?”

The First Thanksgiving: An interesting/ insightful review of a good book.

Complaints or Thanks? (Paul David Tripp): “Every day of your life you’ll find reasons to complain, and every day of your life you’ll have reasons to be thankful. Notice the distinction: you’ll FIND reasons to complain and you’ll HAVE reasons to be thankful.”

Ten Questions to Ask at a Thanksgiving Gathering (Don Whitney): “Here are some questions designed not only to spark conversation, but dialogue relevant to the season.”



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