Weekend Web Wanderings: January 30, 2015


Pray about how you can help support Rendezvous Church Plant in Toronto. We have 2 teams going to work with them this year (one in the Spring/ one in the summer). We are also looking for several more families to help with monthly financial support for their 3 church planters and their families. Can you give? Every little bit helps. Give so that others will KNOW CHRIST.

toronto web


8 Lessons From the School of Prayer (D.A. Carson): FANTASTIC STUFF!

Seahawks Assistant Coach: “Jesus Is Better Than the Super Bowl” (David Daniels): “Could we emphasize that Jesus is better than anything this world has to offer and that he is the greatest treasure in the entire universe?”

Who Are the Unreached? (Radical.net blog): “put yourself in the shoes of one of these two billion people in the world who are unreached”

Christians, Don’t Be Surprise By Cultural Opposition: (Radical.net blog)


24 Free E-Books For You (Desiring God)



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