Wednesday Web Wanderings: February 4, 2015

A Prayer for Trusting God With Things We Can’t Control (Scotty Smith): Jesus, we will trust you—not horses, chariots, or our devices. Grant us grace, fuel our hope, and give us peace.

External Change (Paul Tripp): You’re a natural born expert in self-defense. I don’t mean that you have a belt in mixed martial arts. No, I mean that you and I have the compulsive tendency to always justify ourselves when accused.

Have You Been Salty Lately? (Kathleen Nielson): By God’s grace and by his Spirit, may we speak salty words of grace to the people who fill our days.



An incredibly important new book from IMB President, David Platt: Counter CultureWatch the video… pick up a copy of the abridged version in the Book Nook at the church… read the book.



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