Weekend Web Wanderings: February 7, 2015



A Spirit-Led Life is a Sin-Killing Life (Erik Raymond) “We will always get in trouble when we think too highly of ourselves and too lowly of our sin.”

Are You Fighting the Sin of Comparison (Courtney Reissig) For Women in Particular “Do you need to repent of comparison and encourage a sister today?”

Three Reasons Why Singing Is Essential in the Life of the Disciple (Michael Kelley): “Singing, for most of us, is undignified. We don’t have trained voices; you’ll never catch us on stage with a microphone. Singing is for children; not for mature adults. If that’s true, then the choice to sing where others can hear you, is the choice to forego your pride. Singing is a choice of humility.”



Conformed to the Image of Christ (Romans 8:29)– John Piper “As we are conformed to the image of Christ, he is made more and more the center of all things.”


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