Two Books You Should Read Before Easter Sunday.

I am always excited to pass on some good reading material to you all. And, as Resurrection Sunday approaches, there are many good books I would recommend. For just a few, check out our Easter page in our Online Resources at our website.

I wanted to highlight two books by Mike McKinley that have proven helpful and encouraging to me as I seek to explore and understand more about how the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus change my every day life.


Passion: How Christ’s Final Day Changes Your Every Day 

“Walking readers through Luke’s Gospel, US pastor and well-known author Mike McKinley looks at the events of the last day of Jesus’ earthly life. At each point, he pauses to marvel at the love Christ has for His people; and shows how Jesus’ people can learn from His passion, His care, and His integrity.” Amazon

Quotes from Passion:

“The cross of Christ makes demands of us. It will not allow us to love the world and love Christ. It will not permit half-hearted devotion. If Christ is to live in you, sin and selfishness must be put to death.”

“The question isn’t whether we’re guilty; it’s how we deal with that guilt. Do we seek to shift it; seek to work it off; carry it till it crushes us; or give it to Jesus, let Him deal with it, and know the burden lifting wonder of a clean slate?”


The Resurrection in Your Life: How the Living Christ Changes Your World

“Mike McKinley considers the revolutionary consequences for each of us of Christ’s resurrection, ascension and the sending of his Spirit. Walk through Luke 24 and Acts 1-2 and discover how the reality that Jesus lives can and should change every aspect of our world. Whether you’re a new or a mature Christian, let the joy, peace, confidence and purpose of the resurrection flood into your everyday life.” Amazon

Quotes from The Resurrection in Your Life:

“The story doesn’t stop at the wooden cross. It doesn’t stop at the empty tomb…”

“In those times, remember the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He has risen. Remember that the trials and problems do not take God by surprise. The darkness at midnight does not mean that dawn is never coming. In fact, the longer we’ve been in the darkness, the closer we are to the dawn. Jesus kept His word to his followers; He suffered, and then He rose. If He was able to keep that promise, you can be sure that He will keep all of His promises to you.”


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