Snowy Sunday: Remember the Sabbath

As the snow continues to fall, we are canceling Sunday services at OPBC. I LOVE getting together to worship and fellowship with our church family. When we can’t gather together, the rest of my week seems “off.” That being said, the snow comes from the Lord, so His good purposes in it are sufficient for me to rejoice. And as we rejoice in Christ at home with our families, here are a few considerations for your Sunday… to “remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.”

  • Read Scriptures that talk about snow… spend time talking about the meaning and how you can apply those realities to your life and thinking. Click here for a list of 25 “snow” verses.
  • Watch a great video about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus found in all of the Bible
  • Sing with your family. Here are a couple of songs that come to mind.
  • Play a game together as a family. I beat the girls at the Game of Life last night. Today it may be Sushi-Go.
  • Read a good book that helps you grow in Jesus. If you have children, read a book to them as well.
  • Check on your neighbors and church members who live near to you. Especially if you have elderly neighbors. As the snow stops, consider how to serve others by shoveling their walkways and driveways.
  • Consider inviting someone to walk over to share soup or chili (or whatever you made.) Hospitality is a key way to spread the good news of Jesus and Proclaim the Excellencies of Jesus.

Don’t waste this snow day. Use it to the glory of Jesus!


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