52 Sundays: Praying for Missions: January 24, 2016

january 24

We think of Canada as a lot like the United States and it is.
But it’s also much less Christian, especially in the Frenchspeaking
province of Québec.
Many people in Québec have a Catholic background, but as time goes by
they have less and less understanding or respect for the Christian faith.
That’s why our missionary there, Lucas Aube, gets a lot of negative
responses when he tries to share the Gospel. But he keeps on sharing.
Sometimes people in Québec will listen to your personal story of how
you were saved. So Lucas and his team train Baptists how to tell their
story of how they came to faith in Christ.
Our church is one of the sponsors of this difficult ministry Lucas is doing
in Québec, because he is one of many missionaries across Canada
supported through the Cooperative Program. We are one of his partners.
So today let’s pray that God will continue to break down barriers to His
message and His love there in Québec. And let’s pray for Him to bless
Lucas and keep him strong


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