Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out: Beginning Week 4

Today at OPBC we looked at Romans 10 and Paul’s heart’s desire and prayer for the salvation of those who were around him, especially the religious people and his countrymen. We must be a “both/ and” people… taking the Gospel to the Billions with no access to the Gospel, and taking the Gospel to those who should “know better” and have had access… like our friends, family members and neighbors.

It is helpful to have several methods and Gospel presentations that will help you get the message of the Gospel to people. Below is one good presentation. Watch it and familiarize yourself with the content. Then spend time praying this week through the prayer requests below.


This Week, Pray for:

  • God to help you grow in your ability to share Jesus.
  • Pray by name for your neighbors, friends, and family who don’t know Jesus. If you still don’t know anyone, ask God to introduce you to those already in your life who don’t know him.
  • Ask God to open your eyes and ears to how you can creatively bring joy to others.
  • A way each day to encourage at least one person.

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