Today was one of the most special days of the past 10 years at OPBC… and I am thankful.

The day began just like every other Sunday… arrive early and spend time preparing for the day and enjoying the quiet of the building… praying and reminding myself of the grace of God to allow me to pastor such a great church.

We started the day together celebrating LIFE. Two couples expecting their first children in the next month… and we found out another couple is expecting #OPBCBabyBoom2017. The generosity of our church family to bring in diapers, wipes and baby books is always such an encouragement to families and to me as a pastor.

Then… the surprise. It is not easy to surprise me… but my church family pulled it off. A surprise 10 year anniversary celebration complete with speeches, a video, old friends, cake, and an incredibly generous gift. I laughed, I cried for joy and for the fun of remembering the great things God has done over the past 10 years. The kind words, the love that was shown to me and my family. It is a big deal to me that you care so much for my wife and girls. I am truly grateful.

Then things got even BETTER… we gathered together to celebrate NEW LIFE. Baptizing 5 people, husband and wife, mom and daughter, and a new sister in Christ. Jesus is still King and is still working to draw people to Himself… and we got to be a part of witnessing His saving power. What grace!

Finally, we celebrated 3 men who are servants of the church. Josh, Robert, and Casey are such an encouragement in their desire to grow in Christ, use their gifts to serve the church, and ultimately to accept the office of Deacons… servants of the Body of Christ. Hearing their testimonies of God’s grace, I was reminded of how good God is. And then a long line of godly men lined up to pray for each new deacon… a group of men I love and admire.

We are a blessed church to have a legacy of faith and a heritage of godliness… and God is not done with us. I’m excited for what is next…

Thank you church family… for trusting God enough to trust me as your pastor. I love you.

Photo credit– Cameron Waters







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