Wednesday Web Wanderings: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s been a while since I posted here… but here are some great resources to help us prepare and make the most of our Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

10 Questions to Ask at a Thanksgiving Gathering (Don Whitney)

How to Pray for People You are Not Thankful For (Brad Russell)

The Lost Art of Feasting (David Mathis)

Preparing to Love Well at Our Thanksgiving Gatherings (Scotty Smith)

Struggling Toward Thanksgiving (Trevin Wax)

An Liturgy for Feasting with Friends (Douglas McKelvey)

A Prayer for Thanksgiving Day (Scotty Smith)

I am thankful for a church family who is willing to serve… here is a recap of Bless Petersburg.

Take time to listen to Milton Harding’s Sermon from this past Sunday here.

I am thankful for people who live their lives like this.


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