Sunday Morning Preview: September 9, 2018

This Sunday will be an exciting day at Old Powhatan Baptist Church as we ordain and install Brad Herbert, Andy Dunivan, and Alec Selz as new Deacons at our 11AM service and ordain Kenny Van Horn to the Gospel Ministry and install him as an Elder. God has been gracious to our church in raising up godly men to serve and to lead. Come join us as we celebrate what God is doing!

Worship at 8:30AM and 11AM (Deacons will be sharing their testimonies and will be ordained at 11AM). I will be charging them from Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13. We will spend time praying with them and for them.

Songs for worship (8:30AM and 11AM)

Then come back and join us at 5:30PM for a meal celebrating the men God has called out to serve and lead. Then we will hold a special Ordination Service for Kenny Van Horn at 6:30PM as we set him apart for the Gospel Ministry. We will sing some of the same songs as well as…

You will not want to miss this time of prayer and challenge from our Pastors/ Elders, from Steve Bradshaw (SBC of Virginia), and from men that God has called out from OPBC in the past few years to pastor and serve… Eddie Urbine, Jeff Beard, Justin Beville, Derrick Adams, and Michael Howard Jr.

What a celebration this Sunday will be! See you there!


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