A Better Than Anything Christmas: Day 10

Adapted from A Better than Anything Christmas: Explore How Jesus Makes Christmas Better by Barbara Reaoch.

Each day until Christmas, I will post a Scripture Reading and a couple of questions from the book, as well as one of my favorite Advent/ Christmas songs to set our hearts toward Jesus this season.

DECEMBER 10, 2020

READ LUKE 2:15-20

What did the shepherds do after the angels left? Who did they tell?

What was Mary’s reaction? What does it mean for her to “treasure” these things?


Imaging the treasure that God gave to Mary in her baby, Jesus! Imagine that smelly shepherds were given the treasure of seeing and knowing the King of Kings! What will you do with the great treasure of knowing Jesus? Will it change your heart? Who will you go and tell?

PRAY: Thank you for loving us, even though you know everything about us. Help us to treasure you and love you more. Please help us to spread your treasure and love to others.


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