A Better Than Anything Christmas: Day 18

Adapted from A Better than Anything Christmas: Explore How Jesus Makes Christmas Better by Barbara Reaoch.

Each day until Christmas, I will post a Scripture Reading and a couple of questions from the book, as well as one of my favorite Advent/ Christmas songs to set our hearts toward Jesus this season.

DECEMBER 18, 2020


Why did the angel tell Joseph to take his family to Egypt? What was Herod so angry?


Evil is always trying to ruin God’s good world. From the Garden of Eden and the serpent, to our own hearts disobeying God, evil leads us to love ourselves more than we love God. Evil always tries to get rid of Jesus. But Jesus came to deliver us from evil.

PRAY: Thank Jesus for delivering you from evil. Thank Him for giving us new life in Him. Ask Him to help you love Him more than you love yourself.


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