A Better Than Anything Christmas: Day 24

Adapted from A Better than Anything Christmas: Explore How Jesus Makes Christmas Better by Barbara Reaoch.

Each day until Christmas, I will post a Scripture Reading and a couple of questions from the book, as well as one of my favorite Advent/ Christmas songs to set our hearts toward Jesus this season.

DECEMBER 24, 2020

READ JOHN 1:16-17

Who gave us God’s Law? What did God give us through Jesus Christ?

We all need rules… rules are good! But we really don’t like people telling us what to do. From the time we are born, we fight against the rules. But God’s rules are good rules for us. He gave us those rules through Moses. This was so kind of God… it was grace for God to tell us how to live and how to show His glory. But the Law given through Moses pointed us to two great truths… 1. We could never keep all the Law… we will always fall short and 2. We need someone to keep the Law for us and to pay our sin debt. This is the grace Jesus gave us in His perfect life, His death and resurrection. What a gift of grace! Have you trusted Jesus?


PRAY: Thank God for His good rules given through Moses. Thank Jesus for keeping all those good rules for you! Thank Him for His grace and truth! Ask Him to help you to grow in your desire to trust and follow Him.


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